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We love to accept research-based and quality guest posts. If you are a good writer and want to SEO submit a guest post on our SEO website MySEOGuru, we allow you to get started. You have to write with the best keywords and the quality of your article must be too good. We will publish your article immediately. If you are ready to write for us following are the quality guidelines for content.

SEO Submit a Guest Post | Content Quality Guidelines

Following are some of the guidelines you should follow while writing for us.

  • Content must be 100% unique. We do not accept plagiarised content ie the article must be 100% plagiarism free otherwise your content will be deleted.
  • The article should not be less than 800 words.
  • An article must contain 1 royalty-free image. (Featured Image)
  • The article should be SEO-optimized. (Basic On-Page SEO)
  • An article must not contain more than 1 do-follow backlink to your website.
  • We do not accept content related to Porn, Gambling, Casinos, etc.

We will review your article, if we find your article fulfills our content quality guidelines it will be published immediately. Otherwise, your article will be deleted.

Submit a Guest Post List | Accepted Categories

We accept content only related to the below-mentioned categories

  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing – SEM
  • Social Media Marketing – SMM
  • Make Money Online
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Web Designing
  • Freelancing
  • WordPress
  • General

We only accept guest posts related to the above-mentioned categories. We do not accept guest blog posts other than these.

Why Submit Guest Post? Guest Posting Benefits

The reason why you should submit guest posts is that it will increase your brand’s exposure and expand your reach across different audiences. It will also create opportunities for backlinks, which can help improve your website’s SEO ranking. Following are some of the benefits of submitting guest posts.

  • Increase website traffic.
  • Build your personal brand
  • Gain exposure to new audiences
  • Guest posts pass SEO juice to your website.
  • It also helps in increasing a website’s Authority.
  • Guest posting is useful to get high-quality do-follow backlinks.
  • Submitting an article is an authentic way to promote your content.
  • Connect with other influencers in your industry and expand your network

How To Submit a Guest Post on MySEOGuru?

If you want to submit your guest post on MySEOGuru, the Quality SEO blog, you can send your article to Your article will be published if it full fills our required content quality guidelines.

SEO Metrics of MySEOGuru

A website where beginners can learn SEO step by step from basic to advance. On one side we are working to share valuable content with our users, on the other side we are also improving our website SEO Metrics to increase Google and user trust and to increase our website authority to the next level.

The following screenshots are some of the metrics of our website :

Domain Authority (DA):

SEO submit a guest post

Domain Rating (DR):

SEO Submit a Guest Post


According to Google Analytics, the below screenshot shows the traffic of MySEOGuru

SEO submit a guest post

Find Websites with SEO Write For Us or Submit Guest Post

You can find submit a guest blog opportunity by searching “keyword submit a guest post“.

You can search for topics related to your niche and see who accepts guest posts in that topic area. Then you can reach out to those people directly with a pitch!

To make sure your pitch is successful, make sure you follow these steps:

  • Personalize the email by mentioning their name (if you know it).
  • Give them a reason why they should accept your post instead of someone else’s.
  • Provide links to some of your previous work so they can see how great it is firsthand.

Following are some of the search queries you can use to find guest post websites.

  • “Guest Post”
  • “Submit Post”
  • “Write For Us”
  • “Submit Guest Post”
  • “Submit Guest Blog”
  • “Submit a Guest Post”
  • “Submit Your Content”
  • “Accepting Guest Posts”
  • “Contribute To Our Site”

If you want to find guest post websites for a specific category, add your category with a plus sign along with the above mention query. For example:

  • SEO “submit a guest post”
  • “write for us” + search engine optimization
  • “submit guest blog” + SEO
  • “submit your content” + Freelancing
  • SEO “write for us”
  • “submit guest post” + SEO

and so on.


One high-quality backlink is more beneficial than thousand low-quality backlinks. Guest Posting is an important, authentic, and most useful way to get high-quality backlinks. Google loves backlinks from relevant and high-quality websites and also indexes them quickly. We provide you with this opportunity.