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In this technologically advanced world, everything is getting easier. In this case, if you want to represent your expression in one word, then emojis are there for you. Emojis not only do your work easily, but they also add fun to your conversations. They can also increase the flavor of bland text. 

You have already been using emojis on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and so on. But did you notice emojis on Snapchat? 

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In this case, emojis are not only used as profile pictures, but they are used to add fun in text and captions. In this article, we are going to discuss the best Snapchat Icon to select for your profile picture. 

Best Snapchat Icon To Select For Your Profile: Let’s Find Out

Best Snapchat Icon

Snapchat is a social media platform where you can share the best moment of your life with family and friends and overall it has nine emojis that can be featured in your profile picture or beside your friend’s name. Before, there were 13 emojis. The appearances of emojis are slightly different than iOS, Android, and so on. 

Snapchat emojis may seem slightly different on your smart phone’s screen than shown in this article. Below we have discussed the best Snapchat Icon to select your profile picture. 

1) 💞Super BFF Snapchat Icon

If you find the Super BFF Snapchat icon beside any of your friends’ names, then it is like you must be very close to them. Snapchat incorporates a super BFF icon when someone has been your close friend for more than two months on the Snapchat platform. It seems like you have a best and also a great friend in your Snapchat profile. 

2)❤️BFF Snapchat Icon

Another Snapchat emoji is a beautiful and stunning red heart. You will see this emoji next to your friend’s anime, who has been your best friend for more than two weeks. The BFF emoji is a yellow heart, and if you want to turn the yellow heart into red, then that friend will remain on the best friend list for more than 2 to 3 weeks. In this case, if you are able to manage with that friend to keep the red heart for two months, after that, you will get the super BFF status. 

3)💛Besties Snapchat Icon

If you and your best friend see a bestie’s emoji icon, then you will see a yellow heart beside their name. This means you and that particular friend are best friends and send the most number of snaps on this platform to each other. 

4)☺️BFs Snapchat Icon

When someone on your Snapchat platform is your best friend, then you will get to see a smiling face. It means she/he is one of your best friends among eight friends on the Snapchat platform. This emoji also indicates the same meaning that you and your friend send each other many snaps. But that doesn’t mean they are at the top of your best friend list. 

5)😁Mutual Besties Snapchat Icon

The name itself explains the meaning of this emoji’s name. The mutual besties Snapchat icon means when one of the friends from your Snapchat friend list is on their best friend’s list. The thing is when you and another user from your Snapchat list share a huge number of snaps with the mutual one. 

6)😎Mutual BFs Snapchat Icon

The mutual BFs Snapchat icon is a super cool emoji. This is mainly a smiley face while putting on sunglasses. It also shows that you and another user have the same close friend. It also shows that someone from your best friend’s list is on another best friend’s list.  

7)🔥Snapstreak Snapchat Icon

If you exchange snaps for some days in one row with another friend, then the flame Snapchat Icon will be there beside your friend’s name. This is called Snapstreak. In this case, if you want to see a continuous Snap Streak, then you only need to snap. There are no text messages counted. 

If the flame emoji displays beside your friend’s name, then it indicates the number of days the Snapstreak has been continuing for. 

On the other hand, if you see three or four fire emojis beside your friend’s name, then it means that you have sent consecutive three or four-day snaps. Apart from that, Snap Streak goes for a certain number of days then there will be a number beside the flame emoji. Not only that, but the number will indicate how long Snapstreak is continuously going for. 

8)🎂Birthday Snapchat Icon

The birthday emoji can be used when your friends have birthdays. On the other hand, Birthday emoji can be used when Snapchat is notified about any of your friend’s birthdays. 

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We have mentioned the meaning of Snapchat Icons above in this article. In this case, those emojis will appear after continuing certain activities with your Snapchat friends. 

Therefore if you continue doing the same things with any of your friends or with any mutual friend, then besides the name, emojis will appear. These are mainly an indication of your relationship with your friends. This process is also known as the “snapchat icon aesthetic.”

We hope you liked this article. For further queries, drop a comment in the comment section below.

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